City: Austin

City: Austin

Austin Bottoms Wildlife Conservation Area

Austin Bottoms Conservation Area spans more than 26,000 acres along the Muscatatuck River. Approximately 2,355 acres are now open for use. It consists of a variety of habitat types, dominated by bottomland forests and wetlands. The bottomland forest consists of species such as maples, oaks, sweetgum, river birch, sycamore and beech. Many birds use bottomland hardwood forests, such as wild turkey, yellow- and black-crowned night herons, wood ducks, red-headed woodpeckers, screech owls, great horned owls, bald eagles, broad-winged hawks, woodcock, wood thrush, hooded warblers, Kentucky warblers, blue jays and cardinals. These bottomland hardwoods also provide excellent habitat for many mammal ...

Austin Community Park
856 Broadway Street, ,

The Community Park was opened in 2016 in downtown Austin. In 2018 Austin Community Park received at $50,000 grant from Major League Baseball and Scotts Lawn Care to redo the Ellsworth W. Chandler Ball Field.

Best Donuts
488 W. Main Street, ,

Camp Austin / Morgan Foods
90 West Morgan Street, ,

The Morgan Packing Company was founded in 1899 in Austin, Indiana. Advances in canning technology — coupled with the region's rich soil and favorable climate — created the perfect environment for a group of entrepreneurial young men to build a canning plant. Morgan Foods history in Austin Indiana and includes a unique story during the World War II era. The Morgan Family was concerned how their factory Morgan Packing Company would stay in operation during war time. It had been many years since the company, the town of Austin and our country faced such dire economic circumstances. One problem was a depleted work force, most young men were sent overseas to defend the United States. In ...

Mad Batter Bakery
55 West Main Street, ,

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